Is Jeff Sessions’ Donald Trump’s Flip-Off to Legal Weed?

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Next week, we will know if Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) will be confirmed as Attorney General. I wrote a long profile of Sessions over at aNewDomain   It’s been getting a lot of play. Here’s an excerpt. Find the whole story here.

aNewDomain  –As Sen. Jeff Sessions’ Jan. 10 Attorney General confirmation hearing fast approaches, the natives are getting nervous.

By natives, I mean the business leaders, investors and influencers who power the high-flying legal American cannabis sector.

“If it were anyone else but Sessions coming in to be attorney general, I wouldn’t be so worried,” Peter O’Neil, the Seattle-based CEO of Empire Cannabis Brands told me today.

“When Trump won, I spent a lot of time assuring people that Trump probably would leave us alone, that he and (Clinton) had both said during the campaign they wouldn’t mess with state rights or this growing new (industry)” he said.

“But Sessions as AG?” O’Neil said. “That changes everything.”

O’Neil was one of 17 cannabis execs and financiers I talked to over the last few days to gauge feeling around Trump’s incoming AG, a 69-year-old four-term senator, who most insiders describe as one of most hard line lawmakers going.

Sessions, a vitriolic and outspoken opponent …

Read the rest of the story over at my news site, aNewDomain, here …

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