My colleague, Tom Ewing, just posted a story questioning Trump’s ability to make good on promises to dominate the world stage. It’s over at aNewDomain. Here’s an excerpt:

Donald Trump returned empty-handed today from his first foreign policy venture as global tough guy and presumptive Republican presidential nominee.

In true Reality vs Reality TV style, UK Prime Minister David Cameron today refused to apologize for calling Trump’s proposed ban on Muslims “stupid, divisive and wrong.”  So much for the Trump camp’s demand that he either issue an apology or retract those remarks.

Not only did Cameron refuse to retract his remarks from earlier this year, but he reiterated his view that Trump’s proposal for banning was Muslims was wrong, is wrong and will remain wrong.  And he gave detailed reasons why.

You gotta love Cameron’s Churchillian rhetorical scheme. But that’s not the big takeaway.

Throughout the primaries, Trump has been roaring about how he was going to make countries like China, Russia, North Korea and Syria get in line. From now on, they will  have to respect the US as being the hypo-macho global generalissimo. Pax Americana, America First and all that. But he can’t even make the Brits bow down — not even a little.

Look, Britain is no China … READ THE FULL STORY HERE

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