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White Supremacists and Donald Trump [redux]

Yesterday I published a piece called “The Four Scariest Things White Supremacists Post About Donald Trump Now.” Find it here.

On researching it, I couldn’t help noticing that the owner of Stormfront, the largest white supremacist site out there, is Don Black. I remember interviewing him extensively for an investigative piece I did for Nightline with Ted Koppel back in 1998. Some of the things he said back then about the potential for the online medium, then new, were prescient. He went on to do exactly what he promised (or threatened) in our piece way back then.

None of our videos from Nightline are online, yet. But I see that it’s in plenty of university libraries. Find it here.

The image below is from yesterday’s piece, still readable here. Yikes.

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Nixon vs Caligula and Hillary vs Trump …

This week I edited a piece I thought was just excellent. It was IP attorney and amateur historian Tom Ewing’s take on Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Richard Nixon … and Caligula. It’s called “When It’s Nixon vs Caligula, You Bite the Bullet and Vote Nixon. Sorry.” I’m putting an image of the top art from the piece, which Tom created, below. Find it here.

Ewing wrote this, interestingly, in response to another piece, political essayist Ted Rall’s “Here Is Why I’m #NeverHillary.” I edited this one, too.

So there you have it. Now you know how I am spending my summer vacation …

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Art: Tom Ewing for aNewDomain, All Rights Reserved.

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Mark Cuban: “I Never Said I’d Vote for Donald Trump” [exclusive]

I ran with an exclusive interview I conducted tonight with Mark Cuban about his views on Donald Trump and whether he thinks he’d make a good VP running mate for Hillary Rodham Clinton. Find it here.

gina smith bio It’s been a couple of years since I last spoke to Mark Cuban, someone I first met when I was a young 20-something tech reporter covering Microsoft for PC Week. Later, I worked with him to get a comment on the biography of Apple founder Steve Wozniak I wrote back in 2006 (iWoz: Norton, 2006/2014) and again in 2011 for an exclusive investigation I did for ComputerWorld on patent trolls.

He responded speedily, articulate as always. So tonight, looking at all the pieces that have run in the last few days featuring Cuban’s criticisms of Donald, I shot him an email. Last summer, media everywhere was trumpeting how the billionaire entrepreneur and Mavericks’ owner was firmly in the Trump camp. That surprised me then. So today I asked him, “why the change.”

Cuban emailed me back minutes later with an explanation, beginning with the statement “I never said I’d vote for Donald Trump.” He also talked a bit about his readiness to be a running mate, not to Trump, but to Hillary Rodham Clinton. The whole story is here where I posted it, at aNewDomain.

After all this time, I still get all excited to nab an exclusive. Funny, hmm? Read the piece here.

Cover image credit:by Keith Allison (Flickr: Mark Cuban) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons.

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If Trump Can’t Get UK To Apologize, How’s He Going To Boss Around China?

My colleague, Tom Ewing, just posted a story questioning Trump’s ability to make good on promises to dominate the world stage. It’s over at aNewDomain. Here’s an excerpt:

Donald Trump returned empty-handed today from his first foreign policy venture as global tough guy and presumptive Republican presidential nominee.

In true Reality vs Reality TV style, UK Prime Minister David Cameron today refused to apologize for calling Trump’s proposed ban on Muslims “stupid, divisive and wrong.”  So much for the Trump camp’s demand that he either issue an apology or retract those remarks.

Not only did Cameron refuse to retract his remarks from earlier this year, but he reiterated his view that Trump’s proposal for banning was Muslims was wrong, is wrong and will remain wrong.  And he gave detailed reasons why.

You gotta love Cameron’s Churchillian rhetorical scheme. But that’s not the big takeaway.

Throughout the primaries, Trump has been roaring about how he was going to make countries like China, Russia, North Korea and Syria get in line. From now on, they will  have to respect the US as being the hypo-macho global generalissimo. Pax Americana, America First and all that. But he can’t even make the Brits bow down — not even a little.

Look, Britain is no China … READ THE FULL STORY HERE

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When Doves Cry: Legendary Artist Prince Found Dead at 57

I just wrote up a quick obituary on one of my favorite rock, R&B and jazz artists. The artist known as Prince was found dead today in an elevator inside his home. He was 57. Find my full obit for him here.

So far, the cause of death is unknown, reps say, adding that the police are investigating.

Earlier today, however, a rep talking to TMZ noted that the musician had been struggling with a bad case of influenza for weeks.

Here is “Purple Rain” from the eponymous album it headlines.

Very sad to see such a gifted artist go … gs.

Cover image credit: Above: Prince’s symbol, which Prince used instead of his name for several years in the 1990s: Simon Cousins, via Google+

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Dear Black Voters: What Is Going On With You? [analysis]

I just finished editing and posting Ted Rall’s piece on the growing racial divide in politics that liberals never want to talk about.

Why, he wonders, are African American voters mostly supporting Hillary Clinton, when Bernie Sanders has a long history of civil rights advocacy. (That’s a photo of Sanders, above, being arrested in 1963 at a Civil Rights march in Chicago).

While Sanders was marching against racial injustice in the early 1960s, Hillary Clinton was, by all accounts, a Young Republican … and a Goldwater girl.
Read the story here …

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Panama Papers: What Is E-volusoft?

So I’ve been digging deeply into the Panama Papers scandal. And I discovered that Mossack Fonseca, the multinational law firm at the center of the multi billion dollar controversy, didn’t just help create offshore shell companies for corrupt world leaders, drug dealers and other money launderers. It also offered a wide range of data services through a wholly owned subsidiary called E-volusoft.

Read my story over at aNewDomain — here.

If you’re a reporter, broadcaster or editor working on this story, let’s talk. I’d love to publish your work …

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BOAO Forum for Asia: China Premier Li Keqiang Meets with Global Biz Leaders, Media

Bo’ao, Hainan Province, China — So I was among 170 international business leaders, tech entrepreneurs and a handful of media invited to attend a closed-door, one-hour dialogue with China Premier Li Keqiang.

This was a sideline event related to the 2016 Boao Forum for Asia, an event that’s billed as “the Davos of Asia.”

I wrote a story about Li’s comments regarding keeping China open and creating a “level playing field” so foreign companies can compete with state-owned enterprises (SOEs) here without restriction.

For sure, this has been a business trip to remember. I’ll be posting images from the Boao Forum (BFA 2016) and my extended stay in the Chinese resort city of Sanya later this weekend. Click here to read my coverage of the closed-door session I attended with Chinese Premier Li …